Games by USA Games

Thomas Ward of USA Games passed away on February 8, 2016.
In his memory, we maintain as much of his work as we can.

We are currently looking for the following USA Games content:

  1. Other versions of Mysteries of the Ancients
  2. Mysteries of the ancients

    Old Mysteries of the Ancients betas

    Please be aware that these versions of MOTA may or may not run on your system, and that we are unlikely to be able to help in the case that something goes wrong.

    With that aside and in fond memory of Thomas Ward, happy gaming.

    Star Treck Final Conflict

    Final Conflict mod by Locutus

    USA Blackjack

    This is the classic game of Blackjack, written in Python, and intended to help new users become familiar with the language. Note that in order to play, you will need Python installed on your system; see the readme for further details.