Games by L-Works


L-works is run by Liam Erven, a game programmer and showhost of the no holds barred radio show.Although nhb isn't l-works related, it does involve Liam.
With that aside, Liam has made a number of games, both free and commercial, that offer many hours of play. Some games, like Judgment Day, even offer trophies and other achievements beyond beating the game.

beat the meat

And now, the J-Squared Robot plays a computer game! In this parody, Liam has brought our favorite j-squared robot to a computer game! Tap the space bar as fast as you can, to help him beat his meat! If you are curious and want to get to know the J-Squared robot, check him out!


It's this summer's hottest accessible game release...or rather, the rebirth of Liam's most famous fake game advertising bit. check out the beep commercial
This was a movie in Judgement Day, which was accompanied by a fake beep option in the bonus games menu that resulted in you earning the beep trophy.
Damien from x-sight rather amusingly brought this game to life with source code and all, but Liam never brought the game to life.
I mean, think of the many hours and months it would take to code such a complex game. There's no way he'd get it done in time. *judgement day reference* Therefore, the game was never brought to life until Christmas in 2013, 8 years after the commercial!
Nevertheless, it's here, and apart from the beep and the music, the sounds are exactly the same as in the commercial.


Blackjack is the first in a series of short timewasters written in bgt under the name Crappy Ass games.

Begger your Neighbor

This is yet another card game from Crappy Ass Games.

Duck Hunt

egg hunt

This is the original egg hunt game.
There are 120 eggs in the field. No clocks, no chickens. Just eggs. Pick up as many as you can in 3 minutes.
Please note, this game has been replaced with the super egg hunt lineup. Although the game will confirm success of score posts, the scores maye not actually reach the L-Works server.

Guess the Number

The aim is simple. The computer will randomly select a number from 1 to 10, and you'll have three shots at it. If you guess correctly, you win a prize, if you don't, you don't win a thing! So go to it in either of three variations:

Judgment Day

In 2014, it was announced that judgement day would be updated to become freeware.
Now, this process is complete, and thus the game has officially been made freeware!


L-works Arcade

Got five minutes to spare? Try this collection of simple, yet addicting games.
Note that this is only a demo version, and there is currently no way to get the full version. Thus, the only games you get are Number Guess and Sticks.

l-Works words

L-words is a simple word game.
It is, however, only a demo, and cannot be purchased.

Pigeon Panic

In this game, your car is infested with pigeons.
What do you do when you've got pigeons swarming your car? Shoot'em down! In this game, you do just that.



Sphere was a game under development that would be a modern adaptation of pong, with several characters and levels.
Though the game was never finished, beta demos are available for two different versions.

Super Egg Hunt

Super Egg Hunt plus

According to the L-Works website, Super Egg Hunt Plus is currently also in the process of freeware conversion.
However, according to Liam, some updates may be coming.

Super Liam

Super Liam was one of the first accessible sidescrollers.
It was originally commercial, but was made freeware in 2014.

Super Liam Demo

This is the old demo version of Super Liam, preserved for the sake of history.

Super liam Concept Demo

This was an early concept demo of Super Liam.
It is relatively similar to the commercial demo above, but has some different sounds and gameplay.

Max Pain mod for Super Liam

This is a complete sound mod for Super liam.
You should extract the archive, and place the contents of the Max Pain folder into your game's directory, replacing files where necessary.
It is highly recommended to back up the original game sounds and music first, so you don't need to reinstall the game to switch versions.

Super Shot

Super Shot is a very addictinve Bop-it style game.
It was originally commercial, but is now freeware.

Super Shot Patch

This patch unlocks the full game.

The Great Toy Robbery


This is a concept demo.
Little is known about its development status, or if the game will ever be completed.