Thanks and acknowledgements

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who has helped make the archive what it is today.
Some of you report broken links and help us find missing info. Some of you send in new games and help us keep up to date. Some of you go above and beyond, constantly submitting new content, monitoring the site, and even writing new pages.
Seriously. Thank you. This has become a huge project, and its only because of you and your willingness to help that its succeeded.

Major Contributors

This list includes the people who have made particularly large and/or constant contributions to the archive.
They've put immense amounts of their time into fact-checking, answering emails and working on new content. Without this dedicated support, the archive would not be nearly as functional as it is.
In alphabetical order by first name, they are:

Archive Supporters

This list includes everyone who has sent bug reports, broken pages, new games, questions, comments, and generally been all around awesome.
Thanks to all of you for your contributions, thoughts and support.

Hosting for the archive is provided by Skynet Communications.
You guys were truly amazing to get everything set up so quickly, and were a huge relief when everything was in question.
Thanks for the help!