Games by 2MB Games

2MB Games has created a collection of cross-platform titles for Linux, Mac, and Windows. All of their products are open source and freely distributable.

Please note that a checkout process is required to download titles directly from 2MB. You will need to register an account, but the games are free.

Haunted House

Dare you enter the haunted house where so many have died before?

You will struggle for survival in every room of the building. Bob for apples on the porch while the skeletal hands of past failures try to drag you to a watery grave, try to free past adventurers from their witch-made prisons within jack-o'-lanterns in the back yard, and run desperately for escape when a murderer leaves you in the cellar they've filled with past victims.

Haunted House was originally developed as a base game, to which expansion packs could be added. The packages listed below include both expansion packs.

Please note that an internet connection is required to play the expansions. Without one, only the original set of games are available.




To run Haunted House on Mac you must extract the archive to your documents or user folders. Attempting to play from your downloads or applications folder will not work.


Play a relaxing game of horseshoes against a friend on the same computer, or against the computer itself. Be careful though, the grandmaster horseshoe thrower is almost impossible to beat!

Mine Racer

Speed through an abandoned mine in this endless-runner style game. Jump pits, duck stalactites, and grab as many coins as you can while the cart you're riding hurtles steadily faster down the tracks.

Run and Chomp

This small endless-runner game was a submission to Trijam 186 on Try to cross a pit, without falling in quicksand or being eaten by alligators, and do it by bouncing on the noses of those gators too slow to open their mouths in time.

It can be played directly in your browser from its official download page on or you can download offline versions for Linux, Mac, and Windows below.




2MB Source

This package contains source files for many of 2MB's products, primarily written in Lua.

Note that the extra games for Haunted House have their own separate folders within the package. You can find additional content on the 2MB source page listed at above.