Galaxy Laboratory

Galaxy Laboratory is a company consisting of MM, it's founder and primary programmer, and others that he chooses to colaborate with.
This company has developed several games across many genres, including a highly detailed action RPG, a mech battling game and a train simulator.
Please note that most of these games have not been translated into English and some of them are self-voicing. You will need to set your computer up to be able to translate Japanese games or have a working knowledge of Japanese in order to play.

Audio Reversi

Dreamy Train

Essentially an upgraded version of Hachamecha de train with many more features and the ability for translation.

Enemy Shooting

Fighting Cores

A mech battling game. This game is self-voicing
This game appears to be unsupported, as it has been in beta status for several years..

Fighting Cores Otonobe Version

This is Fighting Cores played like a gamebook. The story can be read and translated with a screen reader and is the same as the self-voicing version. Is no longer hosted by the developer.

Hachamecha de Train

This is a train simulator set in the fictional world of an RPG by another developer.

Hatsuuri Combat

A side scrolling beat 'em up style game. Entirely self-voicing.

Minigame Collection

A set of minigames made in Text Game Maker, built around a small RPG. Includes a fishing game, a casino and a shooting game. No longer hosted on the developer's website.


An action RPG.

ShadowRine Full Voice

A far more advanced version of ShadowRine, containing voice acting and many other features.

Super Melee! AllStarBatnet

A fighting game using the characters from various japanese audiogames and RPGs.