Games by Aprone

Aprone has created a large selection of games, covering several different genres, with a heavy strategy leaning.
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Important note: All of these games are free to download, and are listed as such below. However, in order to access multiplayer content, you must purchase a Kaldobsky Gamer Account, priced at $24 per year. One account is valid for all multiplayer games.
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After a storm smashes your ship and leaves you stranded on a beach, take control of the small band of survivors and do your best to survive in a hostile land.

Castaways 2 beta

Note that as of the time of this writing, the status of Castaways 2 is unknown. If you have any more information, please get in touch.

Community feud

Community Feud with extra characters

Dark Ruse

Read the backstory.

Dark Grue

the Horrible Dungeon of Dreadful Doom

A gamebook written by Dark, using the Dark Grue engine.

daytona and the book of gold

Taken from the readme: The object of "Daytona and the Book of Gold" is to memorize and repeat shapes using the mouse or track pad. To progress in levels, the player must replicate the shapes quickly and accurately. "Daytona" encourages the development of hand coordination by using an input device not normally found in vision accessible games.

Note: you need a mouse or trackpad to play this game.

Dog Who Hates Toast

This is a game of memory and word replacement. You have been hired by aprone to take things from one room to another, the problem? Aprones gone a bit crazy and keeps replacing words like, the, with, under, so can you put under bag under under bed?

Dynamic Deck

Every choice you make changes something about your deck, for better or worse. Play the included example game, or create your own!


An accessible eco-system simulation, but on the moon!

Lunimals Walkthrough

This walkthrough was created by Nocturnus, and covers the first seven missions of the game. Each mission is split into its own file within the archive, so you can easily jump to the section you want.

Obsessive Compulsive

Obsessive Compulsive is a brain bending series of puzzles designed to test and measure your brain's ability to function in three important ways. During your mental journey you will be led along by the two voices in your head. These interchangeable voices will help explain how each challenge works, present you with the test questions, and finally judge you based on your answers.


Paw Prints is a small turn-based adventure role playing game, meant to rely heavily on randomness. You control a small group of people who have survived an airship crash high up in the mountains, and must help them travel to the safety of the city of Giion.

Puzzle divided


Revelation is a puzzle game of discovery and efficiency. Armed with 36 items, match pairs together to create something new.

Swamp old versions

This is an archive containing a number of swamp versions, including some in the most original form.

If you have any others we're missing, please get in touch.

The Swamp Fanfiction Competition

In 2012, Aprone ran a fanfiction competition for swamp. Here is an archive of all the stories, preserved for posterity.


This is a game about time travel, try to escape the lab without being seen by the past you and defeating the guards.

Towers of War

The goal of Towers of War is to stop enemy invaders from reaching the end of a path. To accomplish that goal, players are given a variety of tower types they can construct around the map.

Tripple triad

You are a thirty something male playing a card game using most of Aprones characters from other games. can you defeat your Opponents and become the Tripple triad master?


U-mart is a shop simulator, run your very own shop. Sell goods and hire staff so that you can be the best shop around!