Blastbay studios has created a number of atmospheric action titles primarily in the sidescroller genre, as well as the popular bgt game creation engine.
While the company has not officially closed its doors and the developer remains relatively active in the community, development of future titles appears to have haulted for the time being.

Blastbay Game Toolkit (BGT)

BGT example games


Jungle is a strategy board game that can be played either offline or online against other people.


A pair of tutorials created by Smoothgunner. They demonstrate both easy and hard modes of gameplay.

Kringle Crash

Palace Punch-up

Perilous hearts


In 2015, q9 was sold to the developer of the leasey system for JAWS, and is no longer available for direct purchase or download.
You can obtain a copy of q9 by purchasing the leasey package, found at
There are also a number of other games available as part of this product, of which q9 is only one. Do note however, that you will need a valid JAWS for Windows serial number in order to purchase Leasey.

Existing q9 customers may be able to contact Blastbay studios if you have lost your product key or the installer, but there is no way to purchase the game as a standalone product.

Q9 Sweedish version