Games by BPC Programs

BPC created a scattering of games, initially text-based titles for note takers, and then more advanced products for windows.

As you will see below, three-d Velocity has been open sourced. Work on the game has not halted, however, so if you have any issues to report or a feature suggestion, you should let Munawar know via the issues page of the Github Repository



3-D Velocity

In January of 2017, TDV was released as open source freeware.

As a result, we host several different files, listed below.

3-D Velocity master package

This archive contains source for the game, as well as a compiled executable.

To run the game, execute tdv/Three-D-Velocity-Binaries/tdv.exe.

3-D Velocity: compiled package

This archive contains only the compiled version of the game, without source.

To play, execute tdv.exe.

3-D Velocity demos

These are the old commercial demos of the game.

They are preserved here for historical purposes.

If you're looking to play the actual game, its highly recommended you download the above full packages.


Treasure Hunt

This archive includes both the binary and source versions of Treasure Hunt. TO execute the game, run /bin/debug/th.exe.

Treasure Hunt Demo

Treasure hunt mod by Locutus

We are missing several of BPC's early note taker titles. If you have a copy of any of these and would like to help out, please get in touch.