BSC Games

BSC Games created a fairly large selection of popular arcade titles, both commercial and free, throughout the mid 2000s as well as several pieces of accessible software.
In 2013, the company closed their doors permanently, and stated that their games were no longer supported or available for purchase after a final bulk sale, which included a key generator for the games.
Thanks to Daniel Zingaro however, we have now officially received the go-ahead to host these titles.
Please again note that none of this content is supported in any way shape or form, so making it run on your system is entirely up to you.
Also please be aware that BSC titles are often flagged as false positives by antivirus software. This may result in the games being deleted or refusing to run on your system, as well as a number of other complications.
We cannot help you resolve this kind of problem.

You can also access the BSC titles through a mirror, hosted by Peter Mahach.

A warning to Windows 10 users

We have received a large number of complaints from users about running these games on Windows 10. If the games don't work, please ensure that all your dependencies are up to date, and that the game(s) you're trying to play are run as administrator.

If you still can't get them to run, there's not a lot we can do. You may want to find an old computer to use for the sake of playing games like these.

15 Numbers

15 numbers is a slide puzzle game. Arrange the numbers in order from 1 to 15, out of their scrambled form.

Note that this game cannot be registered through the official key generator.
Therefore, you are limited to the 15 execution trial version.

Blast Chamber

In Blast chamber, you are playing an agent who's objective is to fix the city's water system and ultimately disable a bomb, and who knows what lies ahead!

Blind Software Planner

This is the watered donn version of Day by Day. It's a simple calendar program to manage notes and erminders for a given day. Think of this as the modernized version of the legacy Day by Day version 1.3.

Bobby's Revenge

Eight year old Bobby, profoundly enraged at his not getting a computer that he wanted for Christmas, isn't having it this holiday season, and decides to play a round of, should we say shocking paintball with Santa's slay! In this game, you shoot Santa with your paintball gun 50 times, while using your taser gun to keep Santa's slay from flying out of your view!

BSC Unlock Code Generator

Classic Pipe

There are two versions available. In addition to the original, we have the modernized version of the older version of Pipe. Complete with remastered sounds and an updated trial and registration system.

Classic Troopanum

We have two versions of this game available. The legacy versions of Troopanum, as well as the modernized, remastered version of the original Troopanum game. This is also the last game update from Bsc before they closed their doors.

Cookie Muncher

This app will devour all the cookies on your computer in a rather amusing manner.

Crazy Darts

Your objective? Shoot 10 darts, try and get them as close to the center as possible, and get as high a score as possible.

Day by Day Pro

This is the updated calendar program, including an addressbook.


Trapped in a room with an annoying but destructive robot, do you have what it takes to survive as long as possible?

Finger Panic

Run around a grid picking up as many crackerjacks as possible.

Funk in the Trunk

This is a virtual car stereo of a media player.


Guide Hunter Joe through 10 intense levels of fast action gameplay. What starts off as your average hunt turns into a rather grueling adventure.

Internet Alarm Clock

The name suggests that this program is great for setting a basic alarm clock for you to get off the internet for the night!

Pulse MP3 Player

This is a nice, streamlined mp3 player. It even includes such features as EQ, realtime pitch and stereo effects, and an id3tag editor.

Sonic Match

Your objective, if the intro doesn't scare you away, is to react to sounds in a bopit fassion using your 4 arrows.

Sweet MIDI

Simple, easy to use midi player.

Talking Clock

A simple to use clock and reminder program.


Destroy wave after wave of ships of all levels of difficulty and annoyance, eventually leading up to the leader of this brude, none other than Lord Vector himself.

Troopanum, Spanish version

This is a version of the original Troopanum game, fully translated into Spanish.

Windows Media Redistributables

You may need to install this package if older BSC games are having difficulty playing audio.
They should be unnecessary for most titles, however.

Word Strain

This is a collection of 2 fun wordgames. Word Blast, and Word Jitter.

Word Strain Volume2

Two more wordgames, Word Battle and Word Replica.