Games By BSC Games

BSC Games created a fairly large selection of popular arcade titles, both commercial and free, throughout the mid 2000s as well as several pieces of accessible software.

In 2013, the company closed their doors permanently, and stated that their games were no longer supported or available for purchase after a final bulk sale, which included a key generator for the games.

Thanks to Daniel Zingaro and Justin Daubenmire, however, we have now officially received the go-ahead to host these titles.

Please again note that none of this content is supported in any way shape or form, so making it run on your system is entirely up to you.

You should also be aware that BSC titles are often flagged as false positives by antivirus software. This may result in the games being deleted or refusing to run on your system, as well as a number of other complications. We cannot help you with this.

A warning to Windows 10 users

We have received a large number of complaints from users about running these games on Windows 10. If you are having trouble, download Daniel Nash's package below, and follow the instructions in his readme file. This should resolve most issues

If the problem persists, take the package's steps yourself: ensure that all your dependencies are up to date, and that the game(s) you're trying to play are run as administrator. In some cases, you may also need to run the actual executable rather than running the games through the desktop or start menu shortcuts. Additionally, some Games may install dependencies required for other titles, example: Hunter installs the msoecmd32.dll dependency required for Classic Pipe.

If you still can't get them to run, there's not a lot we can do. You may want to find an old computer to use for the sake of playing games like these. Alternatively, if your computer has enough resources to speedily run virtual machines, you may be able to configure one with an older operating system.

BSC Windows10 fixpack

Windows Media Redistributable's

You may need to install this package if older BSC games are having difficulty playing audio.

They should be unnecessary for most titles, however.

BSC Unlock Code Generator

The official BSC unlock code generator. Copy the product ID from your product's registration program, select it from the generator's list of programs, paste in your product ID and click the generate button to get a registration key copied to your clipboard.

Note that registering Classic Troopanum will also register Troopanum 1.6 and 1.5, and registering Classic Pipe will also register Pipe 1.0.

BSC Unregistration Patches

This is a collection of patches that unregister most of BSC's paid products, which may be useful if you need to re-register them for whatever reason.

15 Numbers

This is a sliding puzzle game with 16 slots; 15 being the 15 numbers and then a blank area that you must move around with other numbers. You have to put the numbers in exact order. Think that's easy? Download it and find out it is anything but that...
Note that this game cannot be registered through the official key generator. Therefore, you are limited to the 15 execution trial version.

Blast Chamber

With Muchiani and his thugs after the mayor of San Diego for his rightful refusal to hand over a million bucks, and a bomb to disarm in the main water treatment plant, you'd think people's toilets backing up would be the least of everyone's problems in this game...
That's right, you are yet again put in the position of a city maintenance worker in this sequel to the classic game of fitting pipes. However, obstacles and enemies in this game are even nastier, so don't expect it to be an easy ride. You have thugs to kill (either they aren't fooled by your city-maintenance worker disguise or they just have a major beef with plumbers,) rats trying to chew holes through the pipes, and spiders to kill. You have side scrolling areas to walk through with sewers and barrels to avoid, as well as steam and electricity. Through all this, the bomb is on a sixty minute countdown, and if you are killed in any way, ten minutes is shaved off your run!

Blind Software Planner

Easy to use calendar program based on the older version of Day by Day.

Bobby's Revenge

What does eight year old Bobby do when he doesn't get a best-in-class gaming PC for Christmas? Engage in a paintball/taser match with Santa's slay, that's what!

Take some rounds at Santa's slay, and with dad's taser make him bounce off the sides of the field before he can go out of range in this demented Christmas festivity!

Classic Pipe

This is a remastered version of the first iteration of Pipe. Redone sounds and a quirky character differentiate this game from the true original.

This file was flagged as harmful by Google.

Pipe 1.0

This is the first game in this series, just containing pipes and slightly saner obstacles; no countdown this time though.
Note that this version may require additional dependencies to run on your system.

Classic Troopanum

This is a remastered rendition of the original Troopanum game.

If you get a runtime error when selecting a difficulty, add these MIDI files to the root of the Classic Troopanum directory.

Troopanum version 1.6

In this Space Invaders style game, you have twelve intense levels of ships to shoot down.
Note that this version may require additional dependencies to run on your system.

Troopanum version 1.5

Note that this version may require additional dependencies to run on your system.

History of Troopanum Podcasts

This is a two part series of podcasts, created by Justin and Daniel in 2011, that discusses the history of Troopanum and various behind-the-scenes aspects of the game.

Cookie Muncher

Munch all the cookies on your computer in a rather amusing manner.

Crazy Darts

Got a minute to kill? Take some rounds at this dartboard and see how high a score you can get!

Day by Day Pro

This is an easy-to-use calendar and address book.


A set of four tutorials for Day by Day Pro, created by Justin Daubenmire.


See how long you can survive while trapped in a room with a maniacal robot!

Finger Panic

Collect as many crackerjacks as possible before the clock runs out.

Funk in the Trunk

This is a virtual car stereo for your computer!


This game features ten levels of intense action of different kinds.

Internet Alarm Clock

Pulse MP3 Player

Sweet MIDI

A simple MIDI player with the ability to add reverb to and change the tempo of MIDI files.

Talking Clock


This time, not only are there more kinds of potentially annoying ships to take down, but there is the evil commander Lord Vector to overcome!

Troopanum, Spanish version

Word Strain Volume1

Word Strain Volume2