Games by Dan Z

Dan Z created a number of word and arcade games in the early to mid 2000s, including the popular game Super Deekout.
Several of these games were originally commercial titles, and have since been abandoned.
For these titles, you will need to place the patch that is packaged along with the installer into the directory you installed the game.
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He also created a number of games for early notetakers. Some of these have been ported to Windows by other developers, and are available here as well.




Old Note taker Games

A number of games written in basic for note takers. These are unlikely to run on traditional computers. To play them, see the ports below.


A highly random dice game. Wander the board and handle random events from getting a job to robbing stores and taking hostages.


Try and hack an increasingly powerful array of note takers, choosing from half a dozen possible weapons and upgrading your own device along the way.


This is a dramatized port of the Great Escape with additional content and sound effects. Find your way out of a number of randomly changing mazes, while collecting gold coins and trying desperately to beat the clock.

Maze Craze


Search Party

Sonic Match

Super Deekout