Games by Driftwood Entertainment


Driftwood's major production is the dungeon-crawling RPG Entombed.

Entombed was originally commercial, and available downloads are to a demo. The developer has stated an intent to release it as freeware, but we are currently unaware of the steps required to register it. If you were able to do so, please let us know.

System Access to NVDA bridge

This small package causes Entombed's System Access speech mode to use NVDA instead. To use, extract the two dll files into the external folder in Entombed's installation directory. For best results, you will want to enable NVDA's sleep mode when playing.

The same method can be used for any game or software with System Access support.

At the moment the creator of this package is unknown. If you have more information, please do let us know.

Entombed 1.05b

This is a testing version of the game that never saw true release. It is provided here for the sake of completeness. An account capable of registering version 1.02 (the primary download above) will also be able to register 1.05.

Note that the dependencies required by this version are different than those required by version 1.02, so just because the official game runs on your system does not mean this testing version will.

Microsoft SQL dependency

If version 1.05 fails to run, you may be able to correct the issue by installing this package.