Eurofly is a massive aircraft and flight simulation game. It includes real-world geographical and airport data as the setting for flights, and even offers the ability to explore maps of various locations. See below the main installer for extra downloads.

There is a large amount of extra content available for the game. Much of it is included in the full installer, but some is not. Therefore, if you have something we don't, please Let us know.

Note that you can only add extra content after the base package has been installed.

Updates to Eurofly appear to be fairly frequent, and not all are included in the main installer. For this reason, we ask that you pay close attention to the game's download center, and do not presume that the files available from the archive will be a comprehensive or updated list.

Eurofly airports

This package includes additional airports for the game.

To install, replace your existing airports.mpf file in the data directory.

This is version 22.

Background transceivers

Tower voice: Jana

This voice does not appear to be included in the full installer.

Eurofly first mission recording

This is a tutorial style exploration of the first game mission.