Games by GMA Games

GMA was one of the first companies to create an accessible fps-style title. Since then, they have continued creating revolutionary commercial titles across several different genres, while also producing a large selection of free content.

Note that in order to purchase any of GMA's games, you will be required to create an account and register an email address. The account system allows management of all your titles and product keys from a central location.

GMA Cards

This is a free game that contains several different card games for your enjoyment. IN this pack there are:

7-Stack Solitaire, Accordion Solitaire, Poker Solitaire, Crib Solitaire, Casino Blackjack, King's Corner, Gin Rummy, Cribbage', and Spit.

GMA Dice

For lovers of D&D and other tabletop games, check out GMA Dice. There are twelve preset rolls that can be used but each one of them is also customizable. The program allows for customization of how many dice are rolled as well as the number of sides each die has. .

GMA Lander

This is a game where the challenge is to land a spaceship on a planet, moon, or gas giant. Using the spacebar to control the ship's thrusters try to land. There's really not a lot to the game and what there is can be gleaned by going through the game's help or reading the manual. This doesn't make it easy, however.

GMA Mine Buster

Remember Minesweeper? This is basically a Minesweeper clone. Use logic and deductive reasoning to clear all the cells without mines.

GMA Solitaire

This is an old stand-alone version of Solitaire, which has since been incorporated into GMA Cards.

For this reason, we have flagged the game as unsupported.

GMA Tank Commander

GMA Tank Commander drops the player into a superior enemy force's back yard in a technologically superior tank. Using various strategies and the tank's weapons, move through the six missions that encompass a truly awesome gaming experience.

Lone Wolf

Take command of a WWII submarine in this game that pits the player against varying types of enemy craft. Learn how to navigate around islands, use the sub's sonar to get through minefields and avoid those enemy craft if the submarine is spotted. The game comes prepackaged with eighteen missions and there are more that have been created by Lone Wolf's players over the years.

Lone Wolf for DOS

Extra missions for Lone Wolf

This archive contains 115 extra missions for Lone Wolf. Note that our version includes an additional 20 or so extra missions not part of GMA's extra mission download.

Lone Wolf mod

Shades of Doom

Shades of Doom drops the player into a complex where an experiment has gone horribly wrong. Fight off mad scientists, mutant humans, dogs, birds and other creatures to shut down the experiment.

Old versions of Shades of Doom

Note that these versions are no longer available to purchase. If you do not have a valid product key, you will be unable to unlock the full version of the game. They are provided here for archival purposes only.

Shades of Doom Mods

Time of Conflict

For lovers of war games and strategy. Move a dozen types of unit over both water and land areas to defeat the enemy. Enjoy playing against the computer or join in an online battle.

Time of Conflict 1.0

UDF files for Time of Conflict

If you've created or have any extra packs that aren't listed here, please get in touch. We would love to add more packs to this listing.

Where possible, we've included links to information and downloads directly from the author's website, as well as from the archive.

Imperial Conflict

Star Trek the Next Generation

Time of Magic


Trek 2000 is similar to USA Game's Final Conflict and anyone who enjoyed that game should give this one a whirl (or vice versa). The player is put in command of four Federation starships and two starbases and must defend the Federation from enemy fleets.

Trek 2000 for DOS


VIP Mud 1.1