Games by Lighttech Interactive

Lighttech created around half a dozen arcade-styled titles.

There has been no word on the status of these games for some time, and the developer's website is no longer available, so all products should be considered unsupported.

Com Audio Dependency

This package contains components required by some lighttech products.

If you are having difficulty playing their games or are noticing issues, this may be worth a shot.


Bop It Ultimate

Your standard game of Bop It, but with a few twists, such as a rather nasty trick bop mode and the ability to play online against another person over the internet.

Light Cars

Logitech gaming pad profile for Light Cars

Light Locater

Num Crunch

The Horse Racing Game

Treasure Mania

Treasure Mania Extras

This is a poem and walkthrough created by an enthusiastic user.