Games by various authors

This section contains a large selection of titles from numerous authors and genres.
In order to keep the number of pages on the archive somewhat manageable, any author with only one release is included here.
This is also where any games with unknown authors will be listed. If you can help us fill in missing information, please get in touch.

1812: Heart of Winter

This is one part of an intended multipart storyline.
The status of the later portions of the story is currently unknown.
If you have any information regarding the development of the game, please let us know.

Age of Slaughter

Please note that this game was created with bgt version 1.0.
It was distributed in source form and the source is included, but you will be unable to execute it without access to this older version of the engine.
Also please note that source files have been placed in a "source" directory in the game's folder. If you wish to run from source, you will need to restore .bgt files to the main game folder..
Otherwise, execute age of slaughter.exe, and have fun.

Angel Gift

Audio Wars

The support and development status of this game is unknown.

Block Party


Please note that our version of Braillemon may be slightly out of date. If you can confirm this, please contact us.

Breakout remake

This is a rework of the original game by PCS games for dos.
It contains both a clasic and modern set of sounds, though the rules remain the same

Candy Crashers

This is a relatively early beta of the game.
If there have been future updates or more content added, please let us know.

CCT Solitare

Note that this package is an archive of a game's setup files.
You will need to extract the setup files and then run setup.exe to install the game.

Dark Room Sex Game

Note that this game is written in java. You will need a JRE installed to play it.
To play the game, extract the archive, navigate to the files directory and execute either the keyboard or gamepad jar file.

Deal Or No Deal

Descent into Madness


Please note that the support and development status of this game is unknown.
It has been flagged as unsupported. If you know differently, please let us know.

Drive Your Car

Easy in the Trash


Eurofly is a massive aircraft and flight simulation game.
It includes real-world geographical and airport data as the setting for flights, and even offers the ability to explore maps of various locations.
See below the main installer for extra downloads.

There is a large amount of extra content available for the game.
Much of it is included in the full installer, but some is not.
Therefore, if you have something we don't, please Let us know.
Note that you can only add extra content after the base package has been installed.

Updates to Eurofly appear to be fairly frequent, and not all are included in the main installer.
For this reason, we ask that you pay close attention to the game's download center, and do not presume that the files available from the archive will be a comprehensive or updated list.

Eurofly airports

This package includes additional airports for the game.
To install, replace your existing airports.mpf file in the data directory.
This is version 17.

Background transceivers

Tower voice: Jana

This voice does not appear to be included in the full installer.

FPS Engine Demo

This is a small FPS-style game created to demonstrate a three-d surround sound engine.

FPS Engine source

This is an archive of the python source version of the engine.
To run it from source, read requirements.txt.

Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo is a cross between a gamebook and story: there are only about a dozen choice points along any particular path, but each one has a dramatic impact on the direction of play. This is an accessible port of the original multilingual game by Four Leaf Studios. To play, extract the archive and load main.html in your web browser. Java script is required.

At this time, the archive only hosts an English port of the game.

Last crusade

We have very little information about this game.
It has been marked as unsupported. If you know differently, please let us know.

Mud Splat English

Mud Splat was translated into several languages.
We have both the English version and the multilingual pack available for download.

Mud Splat multilingual pack


Pong, but with a couple twists.

The support status of this game is unknown.

Rail racer 1.0

Please note that the support status of this game is unknown.
There are also other versions, which we do not currently have.
If you can help us update this section, please get in touch.


Sonic Invaders



Teraformers was originally comercial, but has been released as freeware.
The archive's package contains the game's installer, as well as the official license key file.
Once installed, paste this file into your game's prefs directory to unlock the full game.

The Blind Eye

Please note that we have received reports of issues running the game under Windows 10.
In addition, it attempts to launch the developer's website, which no longer exists and is currently a for-sale parking page.

the Blind Swordsman

The Blind Swordsman can be run on both pc and mac.
In order to execute the program on OSX, follow the steps in this article.
Thanks go out to Mohamed Al-Hajamy for developer and reference links.

the Savage Gamut

Truck Driver

Typing Tester.

World of Legends

X-Wing Patrol