Games by various authors

This section contains a large selection of titles from numerous authors and genres.

In order to keep the number of pages on the archive somewhat manageable, any author with only one release is included here.

This is also where any games with unknown authors will be listed. If you can help us fill in missing information, please get in touch.

1812: Heart of Winter

In this highly atmospheric storygame, you take the role of a retired soldier when danger threatens.

This is one part of an intended multipart storyline.

The status of the later portions of the story is currently unknown, though abandonment is suspected. If you have any information regarding the development of the game, please let us know.

Polish version


In the year 1942, Japan invaded Myanmar, cutting off all possible channels between China and the outside world. In order to support the anti-fascists battlefield, allied forces have opened an air route through THE Himalayas, sending soldiers and resources to China. A C46 aircraft loaded with soldiers, set for their training in India has been shot down in the middle of the Burmese jungle. None of the U.S pilots and soldiers survived, except for Qin Luo. Qin Luo could be considered a lucky man, as his life was spared, on the other hand, how can he survive in this remote and foreign place? Without a weapon, hope or even a trusted companion? And so, Qin Luo started searching for something that could keep him alive. 1942 is a strategy war-chess game. Control Qin Luo and find your way out of this remote and foreign place. Travel through Burmese jungles and mountains, visit Japanese fortifications and meet new friends along your way

Note that this game is written in Chinese. To play the game in English, see this guide.

Age of Slaughter

Build up your settlement, and rule it however you see fit.

Please note that this game was created with bgt version 1.0. It was distributed in source form and the source is included, but you will be unable to execute it without access to this older version of the engine.

Also please note that source files have been placed in a "source" directory in the game's folder. If you wish to run from source, you will need to restore .bgt files to the main game folder..

Otherwise, execute age of slaughter.exe, and have fun.

Angel Gift

As the weakest angel in the choir you rarely leave heaven, but when happiness is threatened in a small village, you have no choice but to act.

Air search

This game contains both English and German content. Your goal is to complete various tasks on several different maps.

The game's support and development status is unknown. The developer's website contains several different download links, and we strongly recommend that you review these. The archive's copy is an attempt to include both the English and German versions in a single package.


Audio formula One

A simulation of the 2002 Formula One racing season.

Be aware that we encountered significant difficulties when testing this game: it may be unstable and your mileage may vary. Additionally, it will not work properly unless it is placed into the root of your c: drive. experimental games

This is a collection of 28 experimental titles created by university students, and originally hosted on The games are in several different formats and programming languages all packaged together into one 7z archive. Most include some form of a manual or instructions, either alongside or as part of the game itself.

Note that many of these titles will require Adobe Flash to operate. We cannot provide support or help in getting them running on your system.

Audio Wars

The support and development status of this game is unknown.

Blind Man's Bluff

After a long night of drinking, you head home and are attacked by gun and chainsaw wielding maniacs. Armed with your trusty first world war revolver, you must shoot them when they attack you. Just be careful not to hit the cat!

Block Party


Please note that our version of Braillemon may be slightly out of date. If you can confirm this, please contact us.

Breakout remake

This is a rework of the original game by PCS games for dos.

It contains both a clasic and modern set of sounds, though the rules remain the same

Candy Crashers

CCT Solitaire

Note that this package is an archive of the game's setup files.

You will need to extract the setup files and then run setup.exe to install the game.

Computer simulator

Challenge of the Horse

An endless runner-style game, in which you dodge platforms and jump obstacles.

Dark Room Sex Game

Note that this game is written in java. You will need a JRE installed to play it.

To play the game, extract the archive, navigate to the files directory and execute either the keyboard or gamepad jar file.

Darkened Chain

A highly atmospheric,exploration-based horror game. While on your way to work on the night shift, you find yourself taking an unexpected detour.

Note that the game is originally written in Portuguese, as is the developer's website. The archive's package includes the language file needed to play the game in English.


Test out a new vehicle under development at the Cycom Test Lab. Drive along the track, pick up boosters to gain more speed and hopefully provide some enjoyment for your copilot along the way.

Note that while the Dutch version of this game is listed on the game's info page, the download link provided currently returns a 403 error.

Drive Your Car

Duck Hunter

Echos from Levia: Soulbound


This is a demonstration FPS-style game. Wander around and do your best to survive, while picking up items to improve your chances.

FPS Engine Demo

This is a small FPS-style game created to demonstrate a three-d surround sound engine.

FPS Engine source

This is an archive of the Python source version of the engine.

To run it from source, use PIP to install the dependencies in requirements.txt.

Haunted Factory

Take on the roll of a worker organizing an assembly line, and have chats with the friendly ghost haunting the facility during your breaks.

This game requires the Klango framework to run, and is only available in demo form. If Klango is not already installed on your system, it will be offered during setup.

Katawa Shoujo

Take on the role of Hisao Nakai, an ordinary boy whose life changes dramatically when he suffers a heart attack caused by his long dormant heart condition, and adjusts to his new life as he is forced to transfer to the Yamaku high school for students with disabilities.

This is more of a visual novel than an audio game. There are only about a dozen choice points along any particular path, but each one has a dramatic impact on the direction of play. This is an accessible port of the original multilingual game by Four Leaf Studios. To play, extract the archive and load main.html in your web browser. Java script is required.

At this time, the archive only hosts an English port of the game.

Last crusade

Source code

This archive contains the source code for Last Crusade and the engine that was used to create it.


Deliver letters to mailboxes scattered around the map in this arcade survival game. If only it were that simple.


A simple rendition of the board game.

Mao Adventure

A small game about stroking cats!


Please note that unless you have your original registration key and the exact system for which it was generated, you will be unable to play the full version of this game.

Mouse demo

A small demonstration game to demonstrate mouse targetting concepts. Be aware that it was designed to be used with a surround sound system, and that stereo headphones may not be able to reproduce the full intended experience.

Mouse Demo source

Mud Splat English

Mud Splat was translated into several languages.
We have both the English version and the multilingual pack available for download.

Mud Splat multilingual pack

Oh Shit!

This game, despite its title, does not contain any questionable content, and is a massively addictive arcade game.
Run around, and avoid the rocks that will try to fall onto your head. But it doesn't stop there, where the game gets interesting is that the objects that were trying to destroy you become one of three things once they're on the ground; points, items, or pits. Survive as long as you can, pick up points, and avoid pits and exploding canons that will appear out of nowhere. Pick up superbonuses to gain invinsibility which will in turn destroy the canons, pit covers to cover the pits, and a speed bonus that can help or hinder you!


Pirate Memory Game

The support status of this game is unknown. Additionally, it requires the Klango framework to run, which will be installed along with the game.

Radwin Island

It's a beautiful day, and you're out boating with some friends... until something strikes the boat and you're knocked overboard. When you regain conciousness, you find yourself on a strange island - can you figure out what happened and find your friends before the secrets of the island lead you to your doom?

This game was released for both Windows and Mac.

Windows version

Mac version

Note that this requires OSX version 10.13 or lower to play.

Rail racer 1.0

Please note that the support status of this game is unknown. If you can help us update this section, please get in touch.


Sonic Invaders

Super Moosic Siblings

This is a platform-style game, similar to Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. Review the developer's website for game controls and some demonstration videos.

This game's support and development status is unknown.

Talking Slot Machine

Its a slot machine, and you don't even have to use real money!

We have very little information about this title. If you know who originally wrote it, please get in touch.


Teraformers was originally comercial, but has been released as freeware.
The archive's package contains the game's installer, as well as the official license key file.
Once installed, paste this file into your game's prefs directory to unlock the full game.

The Blind Eye

In a highly atmospheric audio world, walk around and hunt for instruments to create a band. Unlike many titles, this game makes use of an impressive degree of audio processing and echos. Pay attention to the reverberations of your footsteps to hellp you navigate.

We have received reports of issues running the game under Windows 10. In addition, the English version attempts to launch the developer's website on exit, which no longer exists and is currently a for-sale parking page.

The Blind Eye Danish

the Blind Swordsman

Help a blind warrior regain his site by battling down a road filled with enemies, from wolves to dagger wielding sisters, all of whom see him as little more than an easy kill.

The Blind Swordsman can be run on both pc and mac. In order to execute the program on Mac OS, follow the steps in this article. Also please be aware that it will likely only run on OSX 10.13 and earlier.

The Road of Life

Direct from the readme:
USSR, December 1942. World War II. Leningrad is completely blocked by fascist troops. There is only one way connecting the city to the rest of the country. It passes across frozen Lake Ladoga and is called “The Road of Life”. Food and ammo are delivered and the inhabitants are evacuated by this road.

But even this narrow gap is extremely dangerous. The mild winter makes the ice thin, and trucks often sink. In addition, the road is attacked by German aircraft. No wonder the drivers who work on the lake have given it another name: “The Road of Death”.

While initially undergoing significant and speedy development, there has been no word on this game's status for some time. As a result, it has been marked as unsupported.

the Savage Gamut

The Savage Gamut Trainer

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

Note that as of this writing, The Vale has not been released yet. The demos are preserved here for historical purposes.

Truck Driver


Just how many words can you type in 35 seconds? Find out in any of several game modes.

Typing Tester

Word Race

World of Legends

X-Wing Patrol