Games by Oriol Gomez

Oriol Gomez has created a large collection of games that cover numerous subjects, while maintaining a generally arcade genre.
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Please note that while these games are available in a .zip format, they are not truly portable.
The games store saves under your user's documents folder, and are therefore localized to the individual machine you run them on.
If you prefer, installers for each game are available through the page listed above.

Updates for these titles are relatively frequent.
For this reason, the versions on the archive may be somewhat out of date.
We highly recommend you download from the developer's site whenever possible.


Please note that a large aspect of beatstar is user-created soundpacks.
Some of these packs do contain explicit content, so use discretion when downloading.

Original beatstar


Copter Mission

Danger on the wheel

Death on the Road

You are a blind 10-year-old kid in a new city. Your stupid mobility teacher keeps giving you instructions and you are becoming insane. What better way to perfect your road crossing skills than to cross the road over and over again, you think. Though your task is not as easy as you thought.

Fuck That bird

A clone of the infamous Flappy Bird, but with the addition of a rather angry grandpa who is not too happy when he loses, and will take great care to make sure you're aware of that.

Hammer of Glory

Insect Therapy


Rhythm Rage


One of the first games Oriol ever released, this is the original Death on the Road.

Run for your life

Run from your past

Smack me