Games by PCS

PCS was an early pioneer in the field of audiogames, starting in 1995. They created a large number of titles for MS-DOS, as well as a few still-maintained games for windows.
A huge thanks goes out to Phil of PCS for supplying descriptions for each of these, as well as numerous full versions of the DOS games.
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Windows titles

Pacman talks

You are Pacman traveling through level after level of mazes gobbling up fruit and trying to avoid ghosts.
Note that Pacman Talks is sold through GMA Games. You will need to create a GMA Games account in order to purchase it.

Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry

You play Sarah as she explores a magical castle. She discovers that a mischievous poltergeist picked the pockets of the students leaving for the summer holidays and sprinkled money and magical items somewhere in the castle. She will be able to find and use wands that increase her powers, a two-way mirror, Extendible Ears, racing brooms, a Time Turner Necklace , and a very expensive invisibility cloak.
Note that Sarah is sold through Draconiss Entertainment.

Sarah update patch

Super Dog's Bone Hunt

You play a dog, hunting for milk bone treats scattered around the backyard.

DOS Titles

Note that you will need DOS emulation software or suitable hardware to play these games.
Many were sold as commercial titles and have since been abandoned. Where possible, we have included both the demo and full versions of the game for download. If you have any titles we're missing, please get in touch.
All of these games are distributed as zip archives.