Games by Phantom Creations


Phantom creations is the developer of a pair of survival style action games, among other projects.

Note that as of late July 2018, Phantom Creations has closed their doors and all products should be considered unsupported.

Final updates to the Table Flipper are in progress, and will be posted here once they have stabilized.

Easy in the Trash

Can you throw an object in the trash? Its not as easy as it seems.

Offensive World

This is the end. You're trapped, unarmed, and the raiders are coming. Build up the walls of your fort and see how long you can keep them out, because as soon as a single wall falls, you're done for..

The Table Flipper

What are random objects for? To flip, throw, or otherwise break, of course. Run around and destroy as much as you can. Just keep an eye (or ear) out for random air raids, since some unknown group doesn't seem to mind taking you out along with the rest of the junk.

TTF supports the creation of user-defined objects which can then be included in gameplay. A list of these can be accessed through their web interface or within the game itself. An archive of 51 available objects (not including the default set) is provided below. If you notice additional objects available that we haven't included, please let us know.

Note that the game will always try to phone home for updates when started, and display an error if its unable to do so.

The Table Flipper source

Note that all internet-related functionality has been removed from this version of the game. We have compiled the source and included it in our copy; the developer's download link is source only.

The Table Flipper beta

This is an old beta version of The Table Flipper. It dates back to April of 2017, and was created before the game had a proper name.

Object Repository

This is an archive containing most available objects. Place each folder you wish to use in your sounds\objects directory.