Games by Playing in the Dark

Playing in the Dark created the popular free and moddable Top Speed racing game.

According to the developer's website, all of the Top Speed games have been discontinued and are no longer under active development.

There have been many extra cars, tracks and language packs created for this series by the community.

We are actively looking for Top Speed content.

If you have tracks and cars that others have created, or have made some of your own and would like to share, please get in touch.

You will find any available content listed below the version of the game it applies to.

Top Speed 1.0

Top Speed 1 language packs

Top Speed 2

Top Speed 2 Language Packs

Top Speed 2 Trailor

Top Speed 2.1

Top Speed 2.1 Language Packs

Top Speed 3

Cars and track by Aksel

This is a track and five vehicles created by Aksel Christoffersen. For details on each item, see the content description file.

Cars by Burak

This is a collection of vehicles, created by Burak.

Each vehicle is contained within its own folder.

Tracks and cars by Enes Deniz

This is a package of two tracks and several cars. Descriptions for all of them are in the included readme file.

Language Packs

This is an archive of all available language packs for Top Speed 3.

Mod Collection by Rok

This is an extensive collection of tracks and vehicles gathered from several different sources.

See the listing file for a details on the contents.