Games by Richard De Steno

Richard De Steno created a number of terminal-based games which span several genres. Most of them include instructions within the game itself.

Note: if you use NVDA, you will want to disable the speaking of typed characters before playing by pressing NVDA+2.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Destination Mars

It's time to journey to the Red Planet... if you can find a way to survive the trip.

Dicey Rolls

A small dice game, with a few twists.

Dodge City Desperados

It's 1877. As the martial of Dodge City, it's finally time to hunt down the Desperado brothers and whipe them out for good!

Run For President

You require 270 electoral votes to make it to the Oval Office. Have you got what it takes to campaign around the country, manage your finances, and answer questions from the reporters that follow you everywhere?

Talking Draw Pokar

Tiny Zebras Rock