Games by Sightless Wolf Entertainment

SightlessWolf Entertainment is a group of audiogame developers lead by Australian programmer Rory Michie and founded in 2019 as RB Studios. The group released a variety of titles, though the majority fall generally into the sidescrolling genre.

Sightless Wolf announced the discontinuance of support for their titles in early 2023, and all have been flagged accordingly.

Chaos Arena

A small arcade sidescroller in which you have 2 minutes to collect as many items as you can.


Build fighters with any combination of dozens of moves, and send them into an arena to battle. If you win, use the spoils to unlock even more moves for future fights.

Frantic Fire

Battle bots in this fast-paced sidescroller or capture them to fight for your alliance, as the world around you grows steadily more chaotic.

Gun Turrets

Reminiscent of games such as scrolling battles, this is a simple shooter. This beta version unlocks everything automatically.