Sound RTS

Sound RTS is a free real-time strategy game, with a style similar to that of Warcraft.
The game is highly moddable and provides many capabilities for expansion. As a result, numerous extra addons have been created by the community, ranging from extra maps, to full campaigns with storylines and acting.
Sound RTS also supports multiplayer functions.
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We have done our best to obtain maps, mods and campaigns for the game.
If you have some content that's missing, please contact us, and we'll get it added to the site.

Please note that when using custom content, it is important to be running the correct version of the game.
Earlier versions are unlikely to run many of the available mods.

Main game downloads

Version 1.0 for windows

Version 1.0 for mac and linux

Version 1.1 for windows

Version 1.1 for mac and linux

Version 1.2 for windows



Version 1.2 for mac and linux

Extra content

This section contains all of the user-created content we have for Sound RTS.
Where possible, we've included author information with each entry.
If you notice that some of the information is missing or incorrect and can fill in the blanks, please let us know.

AI mod by KeyIsFull

Dreamtech Games modern soundpack

Please note that this is only an archive of sounds.
To use this pack, you will need to overwrite existing files, or create your own method of interfacing them with the game.

SoundRTS Blitzkrieg

Our version of this mod contains some incomplete campaigns.
If you have a more recent version, please let us know.

SoundRTS mod by KeyIsFull

This is an older mod, and may not work correctly under the latest versions of the game.
If you have any issues, try using version 1.1 of soundRTS.

Sound Mud

This was the predecessor to Sound RTS.
It supports full multiplayer capabilities, as well as local play.
Note that even if you want to play offline only, you still must activate the server.exe file in order for the game to run.