Games by Talon

Talon has created titles in several different genres, including the popular online FPS Road to Rage.

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Dragon pong


Swing your device in whichever direction it tells you to. Not to be played in a crowded environment...

GitHub source code

This is an archive containing source code from several gitHub projects. It includes code for Operation Black Square, Dragon Pong and March Massacre, as well as a full copy of a side scroller engine.

Because no changes have been made to these projects for an extended period, we have listed them all as unsupported.

Hidden Zombie Shooter

March Massacre

Old Games with Source

A number of old unsupported games and programs, packaged along with their source code, including a fighting engine, an elevator, a slot machine and some other games and utilities.

Operation Black Square

Skape Skate

Slender: Lost Vision

The Road to Rage

Note that this package contains both a client and server application.

Offline version

This is an older version of the game with the ability to play offline against bots. Be aware that this version will attempt to check for updates on startup, but will fail to download them, and will not work with current multiplayer servers.

Justin's house

This is a particularly complex map pack, which is therefore given its own listing.

Map maker tutorial

Note that this archive also includes a brief key summary for the map maker as well as the tutorial itself.