Games by VG Storm

VG Storm has created a number of action titles, with a heavy leaning towards a sidescroller format, including the free moddable adventure at c:.

Please note that while the games claim to run under windows xp, many of them currently fail to do so. The developers are aware of the issue, but to our knowledge, have made little progress on it since April 2015.

Adventure at c:

Adventure at c: is VG Storm's first, and only free, title.

When your computer becomes heavily infected, transform yourself into code and do battle with the infection yourself.

The game provides a custom stage creator, which has resulted in a large amount of community involvement. We are actively looking for adventure at c: stages, both old and new. If you have some and can share, please get in touch. The stages we have available will be packaged and listed below the game itself.

Adventure at C: Remnant

This is an expansive set of stages, designed as a sequel to the original game.

Our copy is version 3.1.

Adventure at C: Stages

Stages have been renamed to include the author in parenthesis after the stage name.


Manamon 2: The Eternal Requiem

Paladin of the Sky

Psycho Strike

the Gate