Games by the Wastelander

The Wastelander (Huw2k8) is the author of two randomly generated text-based rpgs.

The Wastes

Due to a computer catastrophe, the Wastes is no longer under development. We have done our best to preserve as many versions of the game as possible.
Each version of the game has been repackaged into a .7z archive, which includes all of the original game files as well as the changelog matching that particular release.
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The wastes archives

The Wastes final notes

The Wastes low quality sound versions

Several versions of the Wastes were packaged with lower quality audio in order to reduce the archive size. The strategy was successful; these archives are around 90% smaller than their higher quality counterparts.


This game is under active and heavy development. The version available from the archive is the original, from before development resumed.
We maintain this version for historical purposes only.