Recordings by Evangelosz Nagy

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Hi. I am Evangelosz Nagy. You can call me Nagy for short, (it's pronounced Nodge, but spelled Nagy).
I am (currently) a Thirteen year old blind person from Hungary who likes to play games, play music, edit sound clips , and do other things with computers in general.
I've put together this page of recordings you can download for your enjoinment. I want to give you some notes about the files inside though:
The page, just like any other on the archive, is divided into developers, and from there, you will see all the recording files.
These are mostly in ogg format with some in mp3. In most cases, descriptions follow the file, as well as a date at when it was recorded.
If a file doesn't have a description, I was too lazy to put in a date because it's part of the description.
If anyone wants to know when a recording was made that isn't listed, just contact me.
If a recording has the word loopback after it, it means that the recording doesn't have my voice in it narrating what's going on, but NVDA is pretty much always present. [Editor's note: these recordings are also usually marked with (audio only) in the heading.]

My contact info:

Thanks for stopping by, and happy listening!

BSC Games

BSC Games Extravaganza

The recording starts with classic troopanum, then I play a bit with troopanum 1.1, and I check out the sounds of pipe 1.0 because why not. July 31st 2016.
Download/play (78.89mb).

Clasic Pipe

This recording does not contain commentary
Download/play (16.23mb).


Download/play (45.34mb).

Pipe2 quick run

Download/play (36.77mb).

Clasic Troopanum

The first recording i did on the HP laptop i'm using, March20th, 2016. I play Troopanum 1.5 and 1.6, as well as the speed round.
Download/play (57.45mb).

Clasic Troopanum again

Because of the things i was doing on the Youtube channel of mine, whitch was filling up the top ten with both games, 1.5 and 1.6, i decided to record both for the last time. March 24th, 2016.
Download/play (48.83mb).

Troopanum 1.5 high score

Getting a ridiculously high score in troopanum 1.5. No, I didn't cheat. If you have herd my other recordings on this game, you know how I do it. June 7th, 2016
Download/play (11.5mb).

Troopanum 1.6 modded

I made a mod of troopanum 1.6 where I recorded a few sounds from 2.0 and made it sound like the latter. I go through some of the menues at the end. I still have the mod, so if anyone wants it, just get in touch. Date somewhere around the beginning of 2015.
Download/play (19.29mb).

Troopanum 2

My first ever game on a brand new windows XP VM that i made, just for playing this game, as well as talking typing teacher, (that's beside the point) June 11th 2016.
Download/play (54.98mb).

Crazy Party

Note that a number of these recordings are audio only.

Castle board with Daniel (audio only)

Playing through a round of the mischievous castle board with a friend of mine. July 6th, 2016.
Download/play (86.2mb).

first 6turn battle (audio only)

Download/play (63.06mb).

Ice World (audio only)

Download/play (43.47mb).

Magic Flower Madness

I have a lot of fun with the grass deck, making like 100 magic flowers. October 30th 2016.
Download/play (10.61mb).

Mini games and hardcore mode

Playing a minigame competition online, showing off the hardcore games and the custom settings, then trying to unlock some minigames. May 15th, 2017

Download/play (58.43mb).

online and water board

Playing a battle with a few people online and playing through a round of the deap water board. June 19th 2016.
Download/play (55mb).

Battle with the normal deck

Download/play (46.27mb).

Steel gym

Beating the steal gym in the Crazy Party Battle mode and a quick look at the ground gym, at a time where I pretty much used a random deck without a few cards that I didn't want to use. June 15th 2016.
Download/play (60.84mb).


This is a series of videos that I did on the updated stuff in Crazy Party beta 44. In the first recording, I play the desert world, and I also highlighted a few other things. In the next part I play the grand council gym with the grass, ice, and dark decks.
There was supposed to be a part 3, where I would have played a few online things, but I got sick in the process.
November 14th 2016
Download/play (37.67mb).

Update 2

Download/play (90.47mb).

Draconis Entertainment

Alien Outback with bonus rounds (audio only)

I play the start of an easy game of Alien outback where I meraculously get both bonus rounds in the first two levels. February 9th 2017.
Download/play (18.3mb).

Pinball Clasic

I play the pacman, safari,and haunted house tables in ESP pinball classic. April 17th 2016.
Download/play (42.29mb).

Pinball Clasic-Wild West

Download/play (10.22mb).

Pinball Extreme

A recording of the pinball extreme table in ESP Pinball xtreme. Date unknown.
Download/play (22.5mb).

Pinball Party Pack: Old Man Stanley's house

My first ever look at the Old man stanly table in the ESP pinball party pack. February 8th 2017.
Download/play (37.23mb).

Galaxy Laboratory

Dreamy Train

A recording of playing through the first 3 courses in Dreamy train with JGT. December 3rd 2016.
Download/play (65.49mb).

Enemy Shooting

Download/play (28.83mb).

Hachamecha de train

Playing through a bit of Hachamecha de train, kind of like a precursor to dreamy train for those who know that one. June 30th 2016.
Download/play (69.12mb).

IPhone series

This series focuses on 4 games that i've covered over the time period of february 8th to february 12th. The games are super tile smash, blindiematch 3, diced, and the famous Fruit pot. I don't think I need to explain anything in text here , because the recordings are enough to show you how the games are played.

Lighttech Interactive

Bop it Ultimate

Playing bop and trick bop on Bop it Ultimate, finally getting a hang of the bonus round and finishing the last game with a pretty good score, unfortunately crashing the game after trying to send it. January 9th, 2018.

Download/play (39.28mb).

Treasure Mania

Download/play (72.36mb).


BK1 (audio only)

A recording of playing through a section of BK1 with the help of a walkthrough on February 2nd 2017
Download/play (70.29mb).


All I have to say is, destroying search and destruction robots is fun. July 6th 2016.
Download/play (69.54mb).

More bk2 (audio only)

I am at the part with the search and destruction robot but I couldn't beat it because the bomb blew up. March 19th 2016.
Download/play (11.33mb).

Beating bk3 (audio only)

Join me as I beat stage 25-4 and 25-5! April 23rd 2016.
Download/play (58.76mb).

Bk3 stage 11 (audio only)

A quick recording of 18-3 in BK3 that I gave to one of my friends since he couldn't get past stage 11. During the recording, the game crashes multiple times, and forces me to restart. April16, 2016.
Download/play (7.01mb).

Batting minigame

I play a lot of the minigame batting in BK3, and fail horribly. December 3rd 2016.
Download/play (30.63mb).


Download/play (37.02mb).

Laser Breakout

Playing a two player (not really) match in Laser breakout and hearing some awesome destruction sequences. November 25th 2016.
>Download/play (29.06mb).

Marina Break (audio only)

Download/play (64.65mb).

Old Nyanchan games (audio only)

A recording where I go through my Nyanchan games list and play a bunch of them, like atuckjump, nyanchan blaster, nyanchan rali, and pinball shoot.
Download/play (79.8mb).

Screaming Strike (audio only)

Download/play (23.26mb).

sugoroku full walkthrough

World of War

Oriol Gomez

Retro World

A recording of playing through all the levels in the newly released Retro world pack. August 15th, 2016.
Download/play (48.84mb).

rythm rage first impressions

A huge recording of playing through almost all the levels in Rhythm rage when it first came out. July 23rd 2016.
Download/play (77.06mb).

Villains from Beyond

A recording of me playing villains from beyond when it first came out. I was pretty bad at it. May 16th 2016.
Download/play (76.48mb).

Various Developers

Audio Disk 1.1 Highlights

Download/play (2.69mb).

Audio Disk 1.1

I love doing different random things with games, and this is one of those cases. You'll see why in the recording. May 14th 2016.
Download/play (22.66mb).

Beating Audio Disk expert (audio only)

Download/play (2.3mb).


Block Party epic score (audio only)

Download/play (50.47mb).

Chopper Challenge (audio only)

I play all the dificulty levels in Chopper challenge, and record my name as well. March 19th 2016.
Download/play (32.02mb).

Pontes Kick Ups

Download/play (17.9mb).

The Savage Gamut Redemption (audio only)

Lets just say, I was not good at this game before, and I am just a little bit better at it now, but the final boss is still impossible! february 9th 2017.
Download/play (14.09mb).

Random games

This starts with a modded version of audio disc, then goes into a few Oriol gomez games like bombercats, copter mission, and super cube. December 13th 2016.
Download/play (70.32mb).