Recordings by Jake McMahan

This page contains several game recordings with commentary.
Deserving of special note are the recordings made of PCS Dos titles (listed below windows titles).
All of these recordings are in mp3 format.
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Jake has also done reviews of several other products - both hardware and software - that are not included here.
For these, check out his Any Audio page above.

Windows titles

Savage Gamut full playthrough

A full playthrough of the game with commentary. Contains strong language.
Download/play (21.99mb).

Super Liam review

Tarzan Junior Playthrough

Download/play (55.25mb).

Three-D Velocity part 1

This is part one of my audio playthrough of Three-D velocity. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Download part 1 of the review (20.31mb).

Tube Sim gameplay

Download/play (37.36mb).

DOS titles

Mobius Mountain

Anyone remember the old PCS dos games? In this recording, we go back in time and play one of these.
Download/play (22.06mb).

Shooting Range

in this recording, I go to the PCS shooting range, but with a real dos experience.
Download/play (20.18mb).

Ten Pin Bowling

It's another trip to the past, where I play ten pin bowling.
Download/play (12.94mb).